Residing in Taveuni

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Here for a vacation for a few days or a full time resident escaping the rat race of the modern world, Taveuni offers a unique lifestyle unmatched anywhere in the world. Swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, golf, tennis, shopping, banks, pharmacy, local restaurants, fine dining and many more activities and businesses are here to enjoy year round. From the moment you arrive you realize that Taveuni is not your ordinary destination. Heartfelt "Bulas" are heard immediately and you find yourself instantly getting into the Fijian spirit of friendship.

There is in fact a reason this area is called "The Friendly North".

Taveuni Real Estate

Bula! Welcome to the Official Site of the Taveuni Tourism Association

Visitor information about adventures, accommodations, living and investing on the islands of Taveuni, Matangi, Qamea and Southeastern Vanu Levu.

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