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Whatever kind of traveler you are, there is a place for you on Taveuni, Qamea, Matangi or the southeastern point of Vanua Levu. From backpacker to pampered movie star, accommodations of all styles are available.

One thing that is featured at all of the resorts is friendly, smiling staff and outstanding hospitality!

Unlike many resorts elsewhere in Fiji, Taveuni's resorts are small and owner-operated. All resorts on Taveuni emphasize personal service and privacy.

Many Taveuni resorts are conveniently located near the airport at Matei while others are located in or near the villages of Somosomo, Naqara or Waiyevo. A third group of resorts is located in the countryside or on nearby islands.

Click on the links to the right to learn more about Taveuni's many attractive accommodation options.

Taveuni Accommodations

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Visitor information about adventures, accommodations, living and investing on the islands of Taveuni, Matangi, Qamea and Southeastern Vanu Levu.

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