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Whatever kind of traveler you are, there is a place for you on Taveuni, Qamea, Matangi or the southeastern point of Vanua Levu. From backpacker to pampered movie star, accommodations of all styles are available. Wherever you decide to stay, you'll be with some of the friendliest people found anywhere.

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Pristine beaches and world-class coral reefs await the island's visitors. Scuba diving or snorkeling the Rainbow Reef, touring local villages, exploring hidden beaches, kite surfing, sailing or game fishing the waters of the Somosomo Strait are but a few of the many hidden treasures of this tropical paradise.

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Taveuni, the Garden Island of Fiji and Matangi, Qamea and the southeastern corner of Vanua Levu islands, are pure beauty and adventure. Recognized as the jewels of Fiji, the Islands are a welcoming paradise for resident and visitor alike.

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Visitor information about adventures, accommodations, living and investing on the islands of Taveuni, Matangi, Qamea and Southeastern Vanu Levu.

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